Gallery of Custom Art Works

I take immense joy in transforming my clients' dreams into tangible works of art. With decades of experience, I specialize in custom orders that enhance the beauty of clients' homes. Custom work is a collaborative journey—an artistic dialogue between me and my clients.

The process begins with conceptualization, where ideas evolve into detailed drawings and color selections before a single piece of glass is cut. Design is paramount; we refine and perfect until we achieve a shared vision.

To ensure precision, we create small test pieces to finalize color aspects, laying the groundwork for the project to take shape. Throughout, I work closely with clients, crafting bespoke glass art that reflects their unique style and story.

In addition to glass, my work often incorporates steel—a nod to my father, a skilled welder. Together, we crafted custom furniture, sculptures, and garden art. His creativity and encouragement shaped my artistic path profoundly.

It's an honor to bring joy and beauty into clients' homes, each piece a testament to shared creativity and collaboration. Let's embark on a journey of artistic expression together.