Embrace the beauty of self-discovery with our captivating handmade glass art.

My mission is to inspire and enrich lives through the transformative beauty of glass art. I cultivate a deep connection to nature and creativity, infusing every piece with passion and meaning.

Through workshops, exhibitions, and custom creations, I aim to ignite a love for art and craftsmanship, fostering creativity and personal expression. My commitment to quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and preserving the natural world is reflected in every piece I create.

Join me on this artistic journey, where we celebrate life's complexities and prioritize beauty through glass art. Together, let's create timeless treasures that bring joy and inspiration for generations.

Hi, I'm Helen, and welcome to Red Dog Glass Studio.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, to Hungarian immigrant parents, I inherited a profound respect for tradition and culture, which fueled my creativity from a young age.

My artistic journey began with painting and exploring various mediums until a transformative workshop at Red Deer College introduced me to the enchanting world of glass in 1985. This encounter sparked a deep passion within me—I quit my job, relocated, and pursued glass art at Alberta College of Arts & Design with unwavering commitment.

For 39 years, glass has been my muse, shaping every facet of my artistic expression. Rooted in personal triumphs and a deep connection with nature, my work is a reflection of the beauty and complexity of our world. Nature, my primary muse, inspires me to encapsulate its essence in glass and steel.

Red Dog Glass Studio is more than art—it's a celebration of life's intricacies. Let's unite in our love for art and create timeless pieces that capture beauty amidst chaos. Each creation is crafted from the heart, reflecting a lifetime of dedication.

I hold a degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design, supplemented by workshops at Pratt Fine Art Center and Pilchuck Glass School. Over three decades, I've explored a range of glass techniques, from sculptures and furniture to jewelry and fused glass. Custom orders are always welcome.

My works grace esteemed collections like the Biot Glass Museum in France and the Alberta Craft Council, alongside private collections worldwide. Featured in numerous publications and media, my art continues to captivate hearts.

Operating Red Dog Glass Studio, I've championed local arts and culture since 2001. Today, everything converges under one roof—a new studio and gallery where creativity flourishes.

Join me for glass workshops catering to all ages. Experience the quality, craftsmanship, and love imbued into each piece—testaments to a lifelong passion for glass art.

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