Collection: Glass Fusing Workshops for All Ages

Join us in beautiful Cherryville, located in the North Okanagan, for a glass workshop that creates small sun catchers and lasting memories. Immerse yourself in the joy of glass art with guided instruction and plenty of laughter!

Explore the limitless possibilities of using a rainbow of glass colors to craft your own personal statement—something that is uniquely YOU. Learn about specially formulated glass, a fascinating medium that behaves like a super-cool liquid, constantly in motion and intriguing scientists to this day.

During the workshop, you'll master glass scoring (glass cutting), discover glass compatibility, and delve into kiln firing and annealing techniques as you bring your vision to life in a patterned design. Each participant will create a 3-inch finished sun catcher, which will be melted in an electric kiln. Arrangements can be made for pickup at a later date or delivery, with all necessary supplies provided.

If you're interested in joining a workshop, please contact me via the contact form to book a class date and time. Let's unleash your creativity and craft something beautiful together!