Collection: Painting with Glass Series

Welcome to my Painting with Glass Series, where I am currently studying under the Glass Maestro Narcissus Quagliata, exploring a new dimension in my artistic journey that will elevate my work to new heights for my customers.

Glass art is a profound medium for expressing my ideas and emotions. I view glass as my canvas—a dynamic surface for vibrant colors to come alive. Each piece requires deep concentration and involvement, transforming not only the glass but also the artist.

Creating with glass is a physical response to an intuitive need for communication. To bring my visions to life, I must be attuned to the material, immersed in the moment without the constraints of time. Nature serves as my inspiration; just as light creates color in nature, color creates light in glass.

The translucency of glass adds a fourth-dimensional quality, harnessing light to evoke an inner glow—a search for the soul within each creation.

Explore my Painting with Glass Series and experience the captivating interplay of color, light, and emotion captured within each unique piece.

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